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Industrial raw material

On a quantity scale of 1-20 t, we offer adjusted preliminary products made of Miscanthus for industrial trials or pre-series. These can be raw materials such as field chaff in different cutting lengths or whole plants. For the most part, however, we supply fractions that have been fractionated by size and/or weight. For processing companies such as paper mills, packaging manufacturers, plastics processors or the furniture industry, we have our own drying, defibering and shredding plants which can produce a determinable "length-to-diameter ratio" (aspect ratio) according to customer requirements.

Certain fibers and fiber mixtures as well as a special fraction of the internal pith share are also available as insulation base material for manufacturers of building materials.

We are currently involved in numerous industrial pre-series projects in which our processed raw materials are treated with binders such as PP, PA, PLA, casein/gluten glue, lignin, clay, mineral or fungal mycelium binder to form molded parts or even without binder to produce for example plant substrates / peat substitute.

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Natural fibers

Product Information Packing unit
sievings fine, medium1, medium2, coarse 200 -300 kg
defibrations 10mm to 0,1mm 200 - 250 kg
powder/dust 100 µm to 20µm upon request