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Long fiber as industrial raw material

Long fiber as industrial raw material

After the basics for the use of renewable resources have been investigated in many research projects at institutes or research facilities, it now seems very difficult to take the next step of testing on a scale that can also convince industrial partners. This is mostly due to the insufficient processing capacities of the equipment and facilities in the research institutions. However, the production facilities of the industrial companies themselves require such large quantities and, in some cases, cleaning and process adjustment measures lasting for days, so that preliminary tests on such facilities are ruled out almost automatically. With our technical equipment, we have positioned ourselves in the raw material fractionation or fiber preparation exactly in the quantity range that allows preliminary tests with only a few kg, but which can also continuously handle several tons. The recording of material quantities and consumption energy quantities is, of course, a prerequisite for an economic evaluation on a large scale.

Besides the products themselves, we can choose from a limited pool of different Miscanthus varieties and fractions that particularly favor certain utilization stages due to their ingredients, such as sugar, lignin, silicon, cellulose fibers, etc.

We are always ready to assist you in word and deed with your innovative utilization approaches.