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Animal bedding

The particular veterinary benefits and the cost saving potential of Miscanthus as animal bedding are undisputed and well documented. Many years of successful cooperation with renowned husbandry and rearing farms prove this for our products as well. Yet in the early years, it took a certain amount of patience to understand why some users were persistently skeptical about new bedding materials. This phase has now been overcome nationwide.

We could write a lot about the benefits and applications now, but we believe reading about our customers' experiences gives a more objective picture.

Download field reports (in German language)

In addition to the primary bedding applications for horses and small animals, there is also a strong increase in the volume requested by pedigree poultry breeders and turkey and chicken rearing companies. The high suction power and ammonia binding capacity of the material is a great advantage over conventional bedding material, especially for long bedding periods. (Field report available only upon personal request)

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Further uses

Due to the pH-neutrality of Miscanthus, the manure produced can be spread on farmland in accordance with good agricultural practice. We offer pure horse manure to allotment gardeners and horticulturalists in natural form or dried and pelleted as fertilizer.

In addition to being used as animal bedding, Miscanthus fibers from roughage are also used very successfully in cattle farming, particularly in France and England. (Field report available only upon personal request)

Animal bedding

Product Information Packing unit
Miscanthus chaff ex farm loading with wheel loader 1 m³ approx. 100 kg
foil bales dedusted 25 kg = 240 l
Small animal bedding sieved+dedusted 2,5 kg
Small animal bedding sieved+dedusted 5 kg
BigBag   approx. 300 kg