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Mulch cover and soil substrates

Because of its pH neutrality, Miscanthus is very well suited as an alternative to bark mulch. Since our Miscanthus is free of any spray residues and other chemical substances, it can be used in kitchen gardens. Due to the evaporation protection that is generated in addition to weed suppression, an excellent microclimate is created under the mulch layer. For all crops that are sensitive to frost during wintering, a ground cover or even a cover of the plant is the ideal protection due to the high insulation effect.

Horticulturists and landscape designers like to use Miscanthus because the cover is much more resistant to rotting and, because of the evaporation protection it requires considerably less watering, especially for new plants. However, the mulch layer should then be at least 4-5cm thick.

Many customers make use of our delivery service, as delivery can be arranged at very short notice and weather-related changes in dates can be taken into account. In the case of large construction projects that are planned and awarded on a long-term basis through tenders, delivery is possible directly after the harvest of our Miscanthus, thus allowing a significant cost optimization.

In addition to its use as a mulch layer, Miscanthus can also be incorporated as a soil substrate or a total of 100% fiber material can be used as a growing substrate. Due to the water storage capacity of Miscanthus, repeated watering is no longer necessary for new plantings of e.g. borders and public areas.

If you want to know more about its use as a plant substrate, a scientific study by UNI Bonn is available.

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Garden mulch material

Product Information Packing unit
Miscanthus chaff ex farm loading with wheel loader 1 m³ approx.100 kg
foil bales dedusted 25 kg approx. 4m²
BigBag   approx. 300-330 kg
planting rods / climbing aids   length variable up to 2.00 m