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Since the planting of our first Miscanthus plot in 2008 (where we did almost everything wrong that could be done wrong, despite expensive consultant "experts"), a certain level of expertise has been developed not only through "learning-by-doing" and "trial-and-error" but also through cooperation with scientists, researchers, exotics, etc.. This, however, actually only means that we are somewhat familiar with the vegetation of Miscanthus and the changes in our soil and climate conditions. By participating in research projects and industrial research, but also by working directly with pupils, students and scientists, we try to extend our knowledge by gaining experience in other soil and climate regions.

Our main emphasis has always been on the sustainable production of raw materials and on the energy input of optimized material use of renewable resources. We see one of the greatest potentials for the material utilization of Miscanthus in its application-specific varieties and careful site selection for its cultivation.