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Miscanthus should be grown for specific uses, i.e. the right variety for the right application for the right customer. The harvest must also be adapted to the later uses. It is generally not advisable to cultivate biomass without clarifying the demand for it if no primary ecosystem objective is being pursued.

Miscanthus biomass can be used in many different ways:

The simplest use as humus-building first crop or game cover strips without biomass utilization will gain in importance.
Widespread uses are thermal utilization, mulch covering as bark mulch replacement, animal bedding (horses, poultry, small animals), roughage for cattle, natural building material and much more.

Demand from the areas of industrial utilization of materials is increasing significantly. This is due to the wide variety of ingredients (lignin, cellulose, silicon, etc.) but also to the high yields per unit area under extensive cultivation. Demand is currently coming from all sectors, from plants for basic chemicals, packaging and paper production to the highest quality insulating building materials or fiber reinforcements in plastics.

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Product Information Packing unit
rental tipping trailer 4 m³   1/2 day
rental tipping trailer 4 m³   1 day
delivery of up to 4 m³   km
  • Industrial raw material

    Industrial raw material

    On a quantity scale of 1-20 t, we offer adjusted preliminary products made of Miscanthus for industrial trials or pre-series. These can be raw materials such as field chaff in different cutting...

  • Special products R&D

    Special products R&D

    After the basics for the use of renewable resources have been investigated in many research projects at institutes or research facilities, it now seems very difficult to take the next step of testing...

  • Mulch cover and soil substrates

    Mulch cover and soil substrates

    Because of its pH neutrality, Miscanthus is very well suited as an alternative to bark mulch. Since our Miscanthus is free of any spray residues and other chemical substances, it can be used in...

  • Animal bedding

    Animal bedding

    The particular veterinary benefits and the cost saving potential of Miscanthus as animal bedding are undisputed and well documented. Many years of successful cooperation with renowned husbandry and...

  • Building materials

    Building materials

    As a natural raw material and fiber material, Miscanthus is predestined for use in building materials and applications. Our clientele ranges from the "house self-builders", who produce clay bricks...

  • Combustible material

    Combustible material

    Miscanthus has been and still is cultivated on a very large scale for thermal utilization, e.g. in England and France. The use in large power plants (DRAX) requires optimized logistics to be...