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That is why Miscanthus is more sustainable than other raw materials

The origins of the idea of sustainability go back to the 17th century. As the "father of sustainability", "...the Freiberg chief mining officer Hans Carl von Carlowitz transferred the idea of sustainability to forestry. According to Carlowitz, in order to implement sustainable action, only as much should be cut down in a forest as the forest can regenerate naturally in the foreseeable future. The principle of sustainability should therefore ensure that a natural system is preserved in its essential properties over the long term“. (Link to source: -  status as of 15.01.2020)

Researchers and scientists have introduced the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method to objectively calculate a comparative mathematically determinable measure for different utilizations. In the LCA calculations we are aware of, Miscanthus always comes out as the best raw material. Currently, approaches are being pursued to balance the humus build-up so that it can be included in the CO2 balance and possibly in certificate trading (see Resolution MEG.e.V. Conference 2019).