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Combustible material

Miscanthus has been and still is cultivated on a very large scale for thermal utilization, e.g. in England and France. The use in large power plants (DRAX) requires optimized logistics to be sustainable (LCA report for England can be requested).

We ourselves operate a central biomass heating plant, where Miscanthus residues mixed with thin wood chaff are used to produce hot water.

As a niche product, we offer Miscanthus lighters in small packages. We do, however, not offer briquettes or pelletized Miscanthus from our own production due to the high-energy input, although the technical equipment is still available.

Thermal utilization as first use is generally contrary to our sustainability philosophy.

The aim is to prioritize the material utilization of Miscanthus and only in the second or third step introduce its thermal utilization. (Cascade utilization).

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Combustible material

Product Information packing units
Miscanthus lighter   500 g bag
Miscanthus lighter   2,5 kg bucket