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Within research projects, we can offer the following services as partner or subcontractor:

  • Advice on variety selection
  • Advice on site selection for cultivation
  • Procurement of plants or planting stock
  • Consulting and establishment of areas from 2m² to 10 ha
  • Set-up and evaluation of experimental plots on our own land (There are different soils to choose from.)
  • Advice and/or implementation of area maintenance in the year of growth
  • Advice on harvesting and storage (only regionally or via certified national service providers)
  • Provision of biomass of various types
  • Supply of biomass of different lengths (whole plants, long chaff, short chaff)
  • Supply of biomasses in various packing units (10g to 100t)
  • Preparation and fractionation of dry biomasses (A wide range of machinery is available here. Chemical or thermomechanical digestion processes are also possible through cooperation.)
  • Design and manufacture of prototype tools (pressing method, spray processing)
  • Design and manufacture of special machines for handling, mixing and processing
  • Production of prototypes and small series from Miscanthus raw materials
  • In cooperation with reliable laboratories, we have access to a wide range of analytical methods.